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June 2-5  ~  3-Nights  ~  $895pp  ~  Full Moon, Sailing, and Music

Enjoy days of sailing and moonlit nights full of music and great conversation.

June 6-9  ~  3-Nights  ~  $895pp  ~  Lobsters, Sailing, and Music

No itinerary just great sailing, delicious food, and evenings full of music.

October 4-7  ~  3-Nights  ~  $995pp  ~  Fall Harvest

We'll be enjoying the best of the local fall harvest. From breakfasts, lunches, and desserts, we enjoy the local bounty of the fall.


Our last trip of the season, we'll enjoy one last visit to our favorite harbors and enjoy the vibrant colors of fall. The coast is like a painting and we have the best vantage point.

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