Heritage is taking reservations for the 2022 sailing season!

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COVID-19 Updates


Updated February 2022

A trip aboard the Schooner Heritage is a safe and fun vacation adventure. Enjoy being out on beautiful Penobscot Bay viewing the pristine coast of Maine away from crowded tourist spots. We take a limited number of guests aboard and there is plenty of fresh air out on the water for us all to enjoy. We had a healthy and successful 2021 season and look forward to another one this year.


The Schooner Heritage has always strived to provide a safe and clean vessel to sail and stay on. We have always followed strict U.S. Coast Guard and CDC guidelines when operating and maintaining the vessel.

In these times more than ever, your health and safety are our number one priority.


Pre-Board Screening


  • All guests will be asked to show proof of either a COVID vaccine or a negative COVID test within 72 hours of arriving in Maine.    

  • Guests and crew asked to stay home if currently symptomatic, symptomatic within 72 hours, or high risk exposure.

  • Guest symptom/exposure attestation at time of boarding

Crew Vaccinations/Testing

Captains Sean and Ben are both fully vaccinated as well as most of the crew. Any crew members who are not able to receive a COVID vaccine will be tested before every trip.​




Masks will not be required when on board per CDC guidelines as 95%+ of our guests and crew are fully vaccinated.

Enhanced Sanitation


In addition to normal cleaning and disinfecting, we will be taking these additional steps to ensure the cleanliness of the vessel for your trip:


  • All cabins, public areas, and mattresses of the will be disinfected using a Nano fogger gun between trips. This is the same system used by hospitals to kill 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds. The solution is registered with the EPA as a safe, non-toxic solution and to destroy COVID-19.

  • All surfaces, hand rails, coffee carafe handles, bathrooms, etc. will be sanitized with bleach wipe-downs regularly.

  • Life jackets will be disinfected if used.

  • Boarding ladder, grab rails, & boarding area will be wiped down after each small boat operation.


  • Guests may bring their own linens if they wish.

  • Cabins are set up with clean linens, blankets, and pillows with pillow protectors.

  • The ships laundry will be washed with a San-O3-Wash system. This system adds an ozone solution to every wash destroying bacteria and viruses. This safe, non-toxic system also sanitizes the washing machines with every use providing cleaner, softer, and fresher laundry.




  • All meals will be prepared by the crew. All crew will practice proper and regular handwashing as always.

  • All dishes will be washed and rinsed through a sanitizing solution by the crew before being stowed away.

Hand Hygiene

  • Sinks with hot and cold running water, soap, and hand sanitizer in all guest cabins. There is also a hand washing sink available on deck. 

  • Hand sanitizer stations on deck by the bell and in the forward house.

  • Hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and wipes in all restroom compartments. 

Symptoms/High Risk Exposures

  • Guests and crew asked to stay home if currently symptomatic, symptomatic within 72 hours, or high risk exposure.

  • Guest symptom/exposure attestation at time of boarding 

Contact Tracing

  • Complete contact information on record for every guest on board for contact tracing. 

  • Trip participants will self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell) before, during, and for 14 days following their trip.

  • If symptoms are experienced during the trip, the participant will let the captain know.

  • If symptoms of COVID-19 are experienced before or in the 14 days following the trip, the participant or their designate will contact schooner Heritage by email at info@schoonerheritage.com or by phone (800) 648-4544


We are closely monitoring federal and state guidelines as well as vaccine updates to safely provide windjammer trips aboard the Schooner Heritage.


More updates will be available as the 2022 sailing season approaches.

This is a living document. All Guidelines are subject to change.