Size: BIG!!
  Length on deck: 95'
  Length over all: 145'
  Beam: 24'
  Draft: 8'
  (18' centerboard down)
  Sail area: 5200'
  Power: Yawl Boat

The Heritage features a variety of cabin layouts. Most cabins accommodate two guests with either upper and lower or double berths. We also offer two single cabins and two cabins with private heads.

Scroll over the diagram for specific cabin information.


There are three heads conveniently located on deck. 

The Heritage also has a shower onboard with plenty of hot, fresh water for daily use.

Heritage Sky

Photo: Fred LeBlanc

A Passage in Time

    Enjoy a simpler age, where time slows down, and we sail away from the hardships of the world.

    Take a breath and unwind with wind in the sails, delicious meals, a friendly crew, and the breathtaking scenery of the Maine coastline nearly unchanged since the age of sail.

    The Maine coast is calling...

  • U.S. Coast Guard-inspected vessel

  • Newest windjammer in the fleet built for passenger comfort

  • Wide and stable schooner, sea sickness is rarely a problem

  • Stairs instead of ladders for your comfort and safety

  • Plenty of headroom everywhere below deck so you can stand up straight

  • Skylights fore and aft provide plenty of ventilation below deck

  • Sinks in every cabin with hot and cold running water

  • Outlets in every cabin for charging your devices 

  • Hot freshwater shower you can use daily

  • Comfortable spacious galley with large skylights to let in lots of light and air

  • Lobster cookout on beach is part of every trip. All you can eat!

  • Three rowboats, one with a sail rig, for exploring harbors at anchorage

  • Free parking right at the dock with space for RV's

Galley 2

The spacious galley offers a relaxing social space to escape from the elements, read a book, play a game, and of course enjoy the many delicious meals served aboard.

Cabin 14
Cabin 5

Photo: Dave Emch

New Meadows
New Meadows

Enjoy an evening or early morning row in one of our row boats we take along with us. New Meadows is a one person row boat. Perfect to get away and be alone with your thoughts.

Lois Lane
Lois Lane

 Lois Lane has a sail rig. Sail or row around exploring the many secluded anchorages we end our days in. Great for group rows and to photograph the schooner.



Hop aboard Archie for shore excursions. A large, stable row boat. You will have fun as we all try to row together. 

Clark Kent
Clark Kent

The yawlboat provides power for the schooner when needed. Guests aren't disturbed by the sound or fumes of a diesel engine and unless they're watching don't even realize that the yawlboat is at work.

When not needed the yawlboat is hoisted out of the water on the stern davits and the Heritage is purely a sailing vessel.


When it's time to hoist the anchor and raise the sails, the authentic 1921 deck engine can be called into service. The distinctive sound sings out as the gaff inches its way up the mast, sails unfurling ready to catch the wind again.


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Rockland, ME 04841


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Special thanks to Dick Loehr, David Bellows, Dave Emch, 

Ken Martin, and everyone else for their beautiful photography.